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Worktools & Office Equipment for Your Workplace

In the modern workplace, it takes more than just a computer and a pen to get the job done. From personal projects to group collaborations, worktools are auxiliary supplies that facilitate how you do business. These are the features around an office that you wouldn’t think of in your initial design plan, but make a big impact on your employees’ productivity once you have them.


Types of Worktools

Monitor Arms

Get that ideal, ergonomically sound, monitor height and keep the top of your desk clean. Depending on your needs, these arms can hold anywhere from 1 to 6 monitors, and they can be articulating or stationary.


A man at a workstation with monitor arms holding five monitors.

How to Choose Monitor Arms

1. What size monitors do you have?

2. How much do your monitors weigh?

3. Do you need articulating (movable) arms or static only?

4. How many monitors are used at each station?

5. Do you expect to increase the number of monitors at each station in the future?

6. What are your chord, power, and data management needs?


Slat Walls

In an open office, having the storage space of a traditional desk or cubicle can be hard to come by. Your employees can avoid clutter in their workspace by using slat walls. These are aluminum walls that can hold trays, lights, and other assorted work-related items.

With this worktool, an employee can have private space and organizing solutions. These can also be used in copier/mailrooms.


A traditional workstation with a laptop, power access, and slat walls.


Keyboard Trays

If your monitor is held by an arm or free on the desk a separate keyboard and mouse pair will be necessary. Keyboard trays keep desks surfaces clear and are designed at the best angle for ergonomic use. That’s a win-win!


A woman typing at a workstation with a keyboard tray with a mouse and keyboard.

How to Choose Keyboard Trays

1. Do you want both mouse and keyboard on the tray?

2. Do you want a straight pull out tray or an ergonomically correct version?


White Boards

Whiteboards have many uses around the workplace. You’ll find them in private offices for personal organization, conference rooms for meeting notes and demonstrations, and collaborative rooms for facilitating group brainstorming. With a variety of boards available and in a range of sizes, there’s one to serve each part of your office.


A small conference room with a whiteboard.

How to Choose a White Board

1. Which type of material do you prefer: glass, ceramic steel, white boards?

2. What sizes do you need?

3. Do your marker boards need to have mobility to move around the office?

4. What is your full wall height and how much wall space do you want the board to take up?



Lighting is arguably the most important, yet most overlooked feature, of worktools in offices. With a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and inputs, there is a lighting solution for every desk and corner of your workplace. Selection is usually a personal preference, but the right lighting can make all the difference in the mental attitude of your employees and reduce their eyestrain.


A modern office setup with under-cabinet lighting.


Power/Data Management

Cord management is an important aspect of any workstation or office area. Say goodbye to technology issues, such as exposed wires, pulling cables out, or snapping connections. Say hello! to an office with clean and professional aesthetics with all power and data cords are tucked neatly away under work surfaces.


A desk with power and data chords tucked away underneath.


Organizational Tools

These are the items used to enhance the user's experience within their workstation. Organizational tools come in a variety of options but are commonly baskets, trays, bins, etc. Depending on your needs these can function like a sleek piece of office décor as well.


Two workstations with a variety of organizational tools, including baskets, trays, and bins.


Are You Ready to Make a Decision?

Do you still have questions about monitor arms or slat walls? Are you interested in learning more about the single-vendor approach and how you can save money?

Your partners at Egyptian are here to help! One of our dedicated account managers will be happy to answer your questions or take you on a tour of our furniture showroom. Schedule your free consultation today!


Global Report on Employee Engagement

Learn how workspace furniture drives employee engagement and profitability

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