Your Chair is a Personal Choice.

Your partners at Egyptian can help you find the chair that fits you best. 




We Get It. It's Personal. 

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we have more than 140 years of experience in helping clients find the perfect office task chair. 

From the Steelcase Leap to the Hon Ignition, every chair in our seating portfolio is designed for how you work, wherever you work. 


Take a Chair for a Spin.

As long as you plan on buying at least 10 chairs, you can test up to three for one week. A workspace partner will deliver your chairs and perform a live demo. At the end of the week, we'll take the chairs off your hands. It’s as simple as that.


Test Drive Your Chair


AMQ Bodi

Bodi is an accessible option that's affordable without compromising style or comfort.

Mid to upper $200s




AMQ Zilo

Zilo can be designed in hundreds of combinations for a chair that's truly unique. 

Upper $200s to low $300s

AMQ Siya

Siya marries customizable comfort and flexible style for all-day ergonomic support. 

Low to mid $300s

Hon Ignition

Ignition is a fitting solution that supports every body type, work style, and office activity. 

Low to mid $300s

AMQ Jaku

Jaku combines high-performance seating with dynamic style and customization. 

Mid $300s to low $500s

Steelcase Series 1

Series 1 delivers performance, style, and choice while being attainable for everyone. 

Mid to upper $300s

Steelcase Series 2

Series 2 is an attainable, high-performance chair with extensive style options. 

Upper $300s to low $400s

Steelcase Amia

Amia is a versatile chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workplace. 

Mid $400s to low $500s



Global Factor

Factor recalculates the value equation for office chairs with its instinctive adjustments. 

Low $500s to upper $600s

Steelcase Think 

Think has smart capabilities to understand how you sit and adjust itself intuitively. 

Low $500s to upper $600s

Steelcase Leap

Leap delivers an exceptional range of adjustments for various body shapes and sizes. 

Upper $700s to low $800s

Steelcase Gesture

Gesture is the first chair designed to support your everyday interactions with technology. 

Mid to upper $800s

Which Chair is Right for You?

Not sure what to look for in a chair? Egyptian Workspace Partners can help with that.


Test Drive Your Chair

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