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Flexible Furniture Financing for St. Louis Workplaces

Whether you’re remodeling the office you have or need to furnish a new one, the process can be a costly expense. The furniture you choose will not only affect how your employees conduct work; it also speaks directly to your company culture. This is why the aesthetic of your office matters as much as your budget.

We are here to help you get everything you want within the limits of your funds and optimize your cash flow. We will develop a strategy for creating an interconnected workplace with furniture and worktools. With our flexible financing you choose to pay how it’s best for you:

  1. Own the products outright by paying for them from the start.
  2. You can lease the furniture and products. This way you pay over time and have the prerogative at any time to buy or return them.

If you choose the second option, we’ll work with you to design the best plan and get the lowest monthly payments. For offices that wish to have a hybrid of their financial options, (i.e. one part of the office will keep all the same furniture, but another room will be updated on a biannual basis or so) we will find the best solution at the lowest cost to you. At your request, we can also include furniture services used (i.e. interior design and installation) on this monthly invoice as well.


Overview of Your Furniture Leasing Options

There are two main leasing furniture options available for businesses. Both of these leasing options serve as the base for your customized low monthly payment.

Fair Market Value Lease

  • Flexibility to use furniture now with the option to buy or return in the future
  • Lower payment compared to buy-out option
  • May qualify for off-balance sheet, operating lease treatment for reporting purposes
  • At the end of the lease term, you have three (3) options:
    • Purchase the furniture for their fair market value
    • Renew the lease
    • Return the products

$1 Buy-Out Lease

  • The best option when you want to own furniture
  • You may be able to claim depreciation expense
  • You may be able to deduct the interest portion of the lease
  • At the end of the lease term, you purchase the furniture for $1


The Benefits of Furniture Financing

There is more to furniture financing than helping you save money upfront. Whether it’s for two years or ten years, the benefits of leasing your furniture can truly help your business along the way:

  • Leasing conserves your money so you can invest in other opportunities & better your business.
  • It protects your line of credit by allowing you to preserve your borrowing capabilities for other opportunities.
  • Depending on the option you choose, it may help you to manage your balance sheet.
  • When it comes to taxes, you may be able to deduct 100% of your furniture payments as business expenses.
  • You only acquire what you want and when you want it.
  • The flexibility of our customized program caters to your budget, end-of-term preference, and other needs you have.


Are You Ready to Make a Decision?

Do you still have questions about interior project financing for your office? Are you interested in learning more about the single-vendor approach and how you can save money?

Your partners at Egyptian are here to help! One of our dedicated account managers will be happy to answer your questions or take you on a tour of our furniture showroom. Schedule your free consultation today!


Global Report on Employee Engagement

Learn how workspace furniture drives employee engagement and profitability

Download Now