Design, Project Management, & Installation

From design to project installation, we help you achieve the office space of your dreams. 

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Design, Project Management, & Installation for Your Workplace

Redesigning your workplace or furnishing a new one is a big undertaking. It can be overwhelming to manage a project while continuing to run your business. This is where we come in. We’ve designed timesaving and convenient solutions to help in all your interior design and furnishing projects.


Our Approach to Design

  • Assist with your business design project team
  • Provide furniture options that align with your culture, aesthetic, and overall vision for your workspace
  • Give you an accurate and detailed furniture installation package
  • Save you time and resources
  • Use top-of-the-line technology to create accurate floor plans
  • Develop realistic renderings and plans of your future transformed office
  • Give you several furniture finish materials and options


The Phases of Design

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the transformation of your office doesn’t happen overnight. It takes expert planning, strategy, and proven solutions to make it as quick, efficient, and convenient as possible. We do it all and work with you through every step of the way.

Phase 1: Planning

In a nutshell: know your options and your needs.

  1. Showroom Tour: Depending on your location and time restraints, you can visit our showrooms at our office in Belleville, IL or at Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL. Can’t come in person? We’ll give you a virtual tour!
  2. Beauty Meets Function: Your finished product should be impressive, but your design should also serve a purpose. We want to know what challenges are you facing today and what role can your office play in solving those challenges?
  3. Workplace Surveys: The office should be a place your employees want to be in and spend time in. What do they want to see in the new space and what do they need to do their best work?
  4. Budgeting: What is your total budget for furniture and design? We’ll always respect this number to bring you a look you want at the price that’s best. Learn about our furniture financing options!
  5. Design Intent: Your business is a living thing. Like an ecosystem, every area of your office serves a purpose. What are these different zones in your office and what’s their functional role?

Phase 2: Design

In a nutshell: visualize the final product.

  1. Lay Out The Blueprints: We create a 3-D furniture layout using state-of-the-art CET software. 
  2. True Visualization: While wearing special virtual reality glasses, we take you on a walk through your new space. This way, you can see and feel how your new workspace will function.
  3. Choosing the Details: We work with leading manufacturers to bring you hundreds of options. You can select different product applications and finishes.
  4. Budget Finalization: You make a wish list. We make it work. Our designers are experts at removing features or areas to keep the project on budget and as you envisioned.

Phase 3: Quote to Order

In a nutshell: payments that get the ball rolling!

  1. Kick Off the Process: Your purchase orders and down payments are made and we can begin the transformation!
  2. Create an Installation Plan: Having a plan is everything. It ensures that we meet deadlines and keep your project on schedule.


Project Management

In a nutshell: how we help your project stay on track.

  1. Communication is Key: By proactively communicating amongst the stakeholders, both internal and external, we can resolve potential issues before they become challenges.
  2. Quick Response: As project details arise, we can nail them down quickly and efficiently.
  3. Manage Scope Creep: Things can easily go over budget or take more time without someone monitoring it all. We keep the overall project, budget, and schedule front-of-mind to keep it on track.


Delivery, Installation, & Warranty

In a nutshell: putting it all in place.

  1. Getting it to You: Depending on the size of the project we either ship direct to your location or utilize our own warehousing. Our own internal fleet of trucks makes delivery fast and easy.
  2. Installation Done Right: In order to meet deadlines and have the furniture installed correctly the first time, our own internal trained installers act as lead installers on larger projects.
  3. Wrapping Up Loose Ends: We know damages, mistakes, and change of scopes happen that can cause projects to drag out.  Since we have internal resources, we have much greater control over these factors.
  4. Warranty Respected: If we’ve sold you furniture and installed it for you, we will help you with warranty claims. Whether its day 1 or 10 years from now, we’ve got your back.


Moving Management

Moves can be complex and can make it difficult to operate your business throughout the process.  When you work with our project managers, we help ease the burden on your internal resources. We coordinate movers with the furniture installations to move items such as IT infrastructure and personal computers, personal items, files, printers, old furniture. 


Design Reconfiguration

Our designers put in a lot of thought when designing your workspace. They ask questions like:

  • Will the furniture work for today and years from now?
  • Are the parts and pieces in sizes and configurations that make it easy to de-assemble?
  • Can these pieces be reconfigured to meet changes in your workforce size? 

Large or small, we can help you with any interior design project. Our team is comprised of industry experts with years of project management under their belts. When you partner with us, we make the process easy so you can focus on your business.


Are You Ready to Make a Decision?

Do you still have questions about design and project installation? Are you interested in learning more about the design process and how you can save money?

Your partners at Egyptian are here to help! One of our dedicated account managers will be happy to answer your questions or take you on a tour of our furniture showroom. Schedule your free consultation today!


Global Report on Employee Engagement

Learn how workspace furniture drives employee engagement and profitability 

Download Now