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Work from Home: Is it Here to Stay in 2024? (Research & Design Tips)

The COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted the way we live and work. Tokeep their employees safe , some organizations forced everyone that could to...

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3 Ways to Design for Continuous Learning & Development at Work in 2024

Learning isn't limited to a classroom. In fact, learning is a fundamental business skill. The faster an organization canfacilitate the learning of...

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4 Incredible Ways to Inspire Innovation in the Workplace in 2024

When it comes to innovation, two words say it best:more and faster . With global competitionanda pandemic disrupting the world, it's clear that...

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How to Recruit & Retain Top Talent Through Workplace Design in 2024

Good help can be hard to find, but it certainly doesn't have to be. In a world where securing top talent is a competitive advantage, employers spend...

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6 Powerful Design Tips to Drive & Propel Business Growth in 2024

A lot has happened in the past decade. The world's economy emerged from a financial crisis, the Internet of Things exploded, mobile apps took...

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5 Creative Ways to Cultivate Collaboration in the Workplace in 2024

No matter where you work, collaboration is important. In fact, theSteelcase Active Collaboration studyfound that97 percent of global workers believe...

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How to Create Conditions for Creativity in the Workplace in 2024

In a time of unprecedented change,people want to be creative at work . On top of that, business leaders know creativity can help them compete,...

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6 Ways to Design for Employee Health & Safety in the Workplace in 2024

Did you knowthe average person spends90,000 hours at workover their lifetime ? With so much time spent at the workplace, employees need a work...

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How to Encourage Employee Engagement through Workplace Design in 2024

Employee engagement is a serious bottom-line issue. According to theSteelcase Global Report ,only 13 percent of global workers are highly engaged and...

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