Covid-19: Hand Protection

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Disposable hand glove inventory levels have been severely impacted by the demand created by Covid19.  Next to hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves are the next most difficult item to source.  We have secured a reliable source in a variety of materials and sizes to meet your needs as you return to work.


Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

These gloves are in stock and ready to ship in 2-5 days.




Chemical Resistant

Nitrile rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to chemicals, oils and acids, and has superior strength. Nitrile disposable gloves such as Rhino Health Nitrile gloves are more chemical resistant than latex or vinyl.



Nitrile gloves have become the preferred synthetic alternative to natural rubber and are ideal when latex allergies are of concern. More medical professionals rely on the latex-free dependability of Nitrile gloves. Rhino Health powder free nitrile gloves are FDA approved for medical use and provides excellent strength, durability, and barrier protection against blood borne pathogens and other environmental contaminants.


Puncture Resistant

Nitrile gloves are highly puncture resistant –three to five times more so than latex. Rhinos Health nitrile gloves are FDA approved for medical use and are highly puncture resistant providing excellent durability, and barrier protection.



As body heat warms nitrile gloves, they conform closely to the hand for a better, comfortable fit. Rhinos Health nitrile gloves are 50% thicker than standard nitrile gloves for added durability so that each pair of gloves lasts longer while you’re working. They are more elastic than vinyl and can be used in a variety of applications; automotive, manufacturing, janitorial and sanitation services, the industrial, safety and chemical industries.





These items are not yet available online, but will be soon.  If you have an account manager please reach out to them or simply send an email to with your selection, you will receive a quote to sign off on, and your order will be placed.