Covid-19: Air Filtration

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After you have a plan to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your surfaces and most often touched items, you cannot forget about the air we breathe.  Our manufacturer parter, AeraMax Professional, makes air filtration devices that are shown to remove viruses similar to Covid19 from the air in enclosed spaces such as your office.  Picking the correct air filtration device for your space is best done with the help of our workspace partners but the information below is aimed at getting you up to speed before you engage a partner.  


How does it work?



Which model is correct for me?

All of these models can either be wall-mounted or a stand for the floor can be purchased as well.  



Price: $699.99

Lead Time: A few days

Shipping: Free

Coverage: Up to 300 square feet

Aeramax Professional II




Price: $899.99

Lead Time: A few days

Shipping: Free

Coverage: 300 - 700 square feet

Aeramax Professional III




Price: $1,499.99

Lead Time: A few days

Shipping: Free

Coverage: 600 - 1,400 square feet

Aeramax Professional IV




These items are special order and are not returnable.  Simply send an email to with your selection or schedule an appointment with a workspace partner if you prefer some hands-on help.  These items are in stock and you should receive it in a few days.