Covid-19 Workplace Resources

A wholistic approach to everything you will need to get your office back up and running in the post covid world.

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How to get your office ready to return to work

Returning to the workplace as we knew it is not likely to happen for a few weeks or months but you still need to prepare.  It is going to be stressful for the both the organizations and the workers.  Employers bear the burden of making sure their workers are returning to a safe workplace. 

Manufacturers can not keep up with this unprecedented demand on the supply chain and we are working to provide in stock solutions for otherwise out-of-stock products.  Many organizations have froze up to this point, don't know where to start, and have suppliers that have no availability which is why we have taken the time to put together a comprehensive plan with near term in-stock availability of products for the most pressing issues.


Do you understand the different levels of cleaning?

"Cleaning" removes physical dirt and impurities from the surface but it does not necessarily kill germs.


"Sanitizing" lowers the germs on the surface per public health standards but does not remove all of possible contaminants.


"Disinfecting" through the use of chemicals kills germs left on the surface after it is cleaned.


You are going to want to use a combination of the above cleaning applications to provide a safe workspace.




What surfaces need to be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected?

  • Desks
  • Hand rails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Door handles
  • Copy machines and printers
  • Breakroom machines such as coffee makers, soda machines, and water dispensers
  • Technology Items such as phones, keyboards, and mice
  • All items and surfaces in shared spaces such as touch down areas or conference rooms
  • Any other commonly touched items by multiple people such as staplers, white boards, and mail machines
  • The air in your office


How to clean the surfaces in your workspace?


Use a two step method:

  • Step 1 if surface is dirty, use detergent or soap and water to clean surface
    • We recommend a hydrogen peroxide multi purpose cleaner such as ES72.
    • Or you can simply use dish soap and water to clean surfaces as well. 
    • We are NOT experiencing supply issues with soap or detergent cleaners.
  • Step 2 disinfect the clean surface with a disinfectant.  See our in stock options available as there is limited supply as manufacturers cannot keep up with demand.

Product availability varies by market and some cleaners and disinfectants require them to be applied to the surface and then wiped up.  Using the correct application will determine how effective your cleaning is.  Refer to this chart to help determine proper towel to use with the application of your detergent and disinfectant.


How to reduce germ transmission in your workspace?

1.  Proper hand washing

Washing hands seems like a no brainer but 95% of adults don't do it properly.


2.  Use existing furniture with small adjustments.  See our step by step guide on furniture best practices.

  • Add screens and partitions between workstations to create physical barriers between workers
  • Adding panel heights to your existing panel systems
  • Reconfiguring your cubicles so they are physically farther apart
  • Repurposing shared spaces to designated spaces such as cafes and conference rooms to reduce population density
  • Add sneeze guards where workers engage with customers
  • Replace fabric panel skins with laminate or metal finishes
  • Using antimicrobial fabrics on furniture where hard surface finishes are not appropriate


3.  Introduce new office etiquette

  • Rerouting foot traffic using signs for narrow passages to create one-way type walk ways.
  • Consider using staggered shifts or a combination of on-site and remote workers cycling through stages in the office.
  • Discourage hand shaking.
  • Wear cloth face masks to reduce contamination from speech, coughing, and sneezing (at least in meetings or as workers move through the space).
  • One disposable mask per day per employee or washing re-usable masks once a day.
  • Don’t touch other workers desks, phones, or other work tools when possible.

4.  Use technology

  • Using email to collaborate can be inefficient, instead invest in a intra-office communication tool to speed up collaboration that once took place in person.
  • Use video conferencing software to hold intra office meetings or client meetings.
  • Invest in a cloud based phone system so workers can still communicate via phone from home.
  • Introduce laptops so employees can work from home.
  • Beef up cyber security efforts to reduce threats that can get in easier with remote workers.


Where can we help?

The market is flooded with Covid19 response guides and the goal of this page is to not only help educate but provide actionable steps so you can begin to execute your plan.  By no means are we experts on covid19 response, but we are partners with many manufacturers that have dedicated enormous resources to helping you return to work safely.  This page is updated in real time with pricing, shipping lead times so you have one spot to check back to for updates on what our status is of these high demand items.

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