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Looking for Business Products?

Our approach to business products is unlike any other. We use the latest technology to streamline and consolidate your ordering while maintaining that old-fashioned Main Street relationship. 


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What is Premium Partners?


"The best part of the program is we realized immediate savings while making it easier on ourselves."
A vendor promising to save you money is something you don't have to look too far to find, but these savings are usually short-lived.


You May Be Thinking...

"How can Egyptian compete against the big box stores?"
"How can Egyptian help us save money on business products?"
"Why do I need a Partner when I can just order everything online?"
"We've already fallen for similar tactics from a national chain. What makes Egyptian different?"


It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

With the right partner, you and your team can:

  • Reduce your overall annual expenses by using your buying power to drive down prices rather than splitting your purchases into smaller buckets.
  • Gain efficiency by reducing the number of vendors you use, resulting in fewer invoices to pay and no more shopping trips to pick up supplies. 
  • Setup purchasing controls to manage what your company's users can buy. 
  • Position your company for success bypassing the need for going back to the drawing board every time you need to order supplies. 


This Is Exactly Why We Created Our Premium Partners Program

to supply businesses with the tools and strategies they need to maximize savings.


Is Premium Partners Right for You?

We're more than a supplier or a vendor. We're a Partner. We don't want you to order from us because our pricing is better. Our goal is to be your educator and help you make smart decisions when it comes to business products.

Premium Partners may be perfect for you if you're considering any of the following: 

✔️ Reducing your overall budget for business supplies

✔️ Looking to streamline your approach to the ordering process

✔️ Implementing an ordering process with company-wide controls

✔️ Making it easier on your team by reducing the number of vendors you use

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What does premium partners include?

Competitive Market-Based Pricing

No one vendor is the cheapest on every single item. Still, our goal is to reduce your overall cost through strategy and lower prices. As members of ISG, we update your pricing based on what the market price is for each item. 

market pricing

Wonderfully Customizable Spend Controls

From restricted favorites lists, to budget monitoring, to order thresholds with approval chains, to integration with your purchase order system via punch out.  Our top of the line ordering platform can make managing your spending easier.

spend controls

Vendor Consolidation

We work with your team to examine all possible vendor reductions across all items you procure.  Whether it is just your office supplies and copy paper from three vendors to one, or you want to consolidate leased floor mats, or consolidate your janitorial supplies into your office supplies, your dedicated Account Manager is positioned to help you consolidate as many vendors as you see fit.


Flexible Invoicing Options

When we say one vendor and one invoice, we mean it. Choose from options such as invoicing after each order or a monthly invoice organized by location, purchase order, billing code. You can make payments via check, ACH, or credit card. 

consolidated invoice

Soft & Hard Substitution

Our shopping cart website will remind you if there is a different brand at a better value.  If you order the name brand item and did not realize there was generic version, our website will prompt you with a "soft" sub for you to choose which version works best for  you.  Or if your users insist on using an item the name brand version that is unapproved, we can "hard" sub the item to the version that you deem appropriate making it impossible for them to order the version you do not like.


Free Snacks & Goodies

Who says you have to wait for coupons or special offers? We don't play those games. Every order over $250 is eligible for a free snack or goodie with tiers up to $750. The bigger the order, the better the free goodies. 

free goodies

White-Glove Delivery

Unlike our competitors, our drivers aren't going to drop your package at the front door and leave. Since your business will have a dedicated delivery person, he will get to know your business and where you want your packaged delivered. Copy paper next to the copier? No problem. After all, you set the rules.

front door

What Users Are Saying About Our Premium Partners Program

Egyptian has great customer service and is very easy to work with! Highly recommend them!
Great Customer Service, Awesome People to Work With, Next-Day Delivery
I have recently started ordering office supplies from Egyptian & am very pleased with their products & quick delivery. Customer service is outstanding.


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Premium Partners Program

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✔️Great for business spending less than $6,000 annually

✔️Free, next business day delivery

✔️Dedicated Customer Service Agent

✔️Proactive market pricing

✔️Soft & hard substitution logic

✔️Free snacks and goodies

✔️White glove delivery

✔️Up to 10 items custom priced

Premium+ Partners Program

Take your procurement strategy to the next level.


One Time Fee


✔️Ideal for organizations spending more than $6,000 annually

✔️Free, next business day delivery

✔️Dedicated Account Manager

✔️Proactive market pricing

✔️Soft & hard substitution logic

✔️Free snacks and goodies

✔️White glove delivery

✔️Up to 250 items custom priced

✔️Bulk pricing available

✔️Spending controls to streamline ordering

✔️Vendor consolidation tools 

✔️Flexible invoicing terms

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What forms of payment do you accept?


We currently accept Check, ACH, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Is your delivery next day?


Yes, as long as your order is in before 4pm central, the majority of your items will ship to you next day.

Do I have to sign a contract?


Am I obligated to buy once I sign up?

No.  You can simply just quit buying at any time without penalty.

Do you have minimums, fees, or shipping charges?

No.  On regular in stock items, we do not charge any fees, have any minimum order requirements, or shipping charges.  We just ask that you respect the environment and try to hold orders until you need them to save on gas and polution.